1st Quarter of 2009 Review


We have already gone through 3 months of 2009. I have done tons of things that have helped me have a great start to the year and also others that I still need to work on.

The Good

Waking up early: I started to wake up early, especially during the work-week at 4:30 a.m. I was trying to get up at 4 a.m., but changed my workout schedule and didn’t feel like going to sleep even earlier. So, far now, 4:30 is the time I rise or snooze till 4:50, and I wake up to at least do my 45 minutes of writing. What I need to do for the next quarter is work myself down to 4:20 and spring up out of bed, so I will be able to workout if need be and then write after wards. This will free up more time in the afternoon for anything, unplanned or planned.

Workout: For 2 months I was constantly waking up early and getting my workout done, but left out the cardio part. I didn’t want to work out those days, but once I did get up and did the exercise, I felt great. I took a shower and started to write. However, during March, I changed up my workout to mainly a cardio driven one. I didn’t workout in the morning, I just left it to the stairs at work and riding my bike for 30 minutes once I got home. This totally messed up my sleeping pattern, because I had too much energy for the rest of the day and would get to bed around 11 or 11:30 and still get up at 4:30. This is one reason why I think I started to snooze more, than just getting up.

Writing: It has been 3 months, 90+ days since I started writing. Most of the things I have written have been thought or journal writing, but have been able to write blog post, poems, started a good part of my novel I plan to get finish by June, and also my life business plan. I didn’t know where my writing was going to go, but now I have started to understand myself and finding my voice. So this passion will continue to happen, the only thing that may change is me increasing the time to 1 hour, but that will take some time, I have to get more comfortable to writing for 45 minutes.

Books: I have read about 2-3 books per month, so far. I have read short books, long books, and even a graphic novel which took me barely a day to finish. My reading is going well, but sometimes I want to stay in another world and not face my own reality (the danger of reading so so much). I had a good schedule going on for the time I allotted for reading. I started to read whenever and where ever. I am going to get back to a time I read and see if that works best for me: having a set of 2 hours rather than 10 minutes here and there will get me moving through the book at a faster pace. I can then use those 10 minutes here and there to look at the sky, talk to people, or watch what people do throughout the day.

Rest of my time spending: I spend tons of time with my girlfriend. We still date each other, which is great after being with each other for over a year. We read erotic stories to each other, pigged out at the Houston Rodeo a couple of weeks ago, and visit each other’s families. We also create alone time for each other, so we can give each other time to ourselves or however we spend that time. I was also able to see my 3 brothers a couple of times during the 3 months. We live 10-25 miles away from each other, but when you put in traffic, work, relationships, and making the time to spend with each other it is hard to do so.

The Bad

The snoozing: I snooze way to much now. I still get up before 5 every single day during the work-week, but I could have gotten more things done in the morning time and wouldn’t have to leave for the evening. I didn’t know the way I worked out in the afternoon would effect my sleep, but it did. So now that I have changed my workout schedule back to the morning I should be able to get my regular amount of sleep of 6 hours and should be okay to function good throughout the day. One thing I did notice while I was doing the crazy cardio challenge was if I took a 30 minute nap during my lunch time I would have enough energy to carry me for the whole day. So naps here and there can be a big part of my days in the future.

The (lack of)friends: How many friends do I need? I don’t know the sweet spot, but dammit, what I have now isn’t many. Most of my friends I spend time talking on the phone or through gchat. Some we have very good conversations, others they are to busy to even respond back to a text, but oh well. I am not even perfect on my end and have times not talk to people because they have pissed me off or don’t appreciate the gratitude I give them. I think the friend’s category will work itself out and have to start seeing the people who want to hang out with me. But, one thing I refuse to do is be the only one to show effort to spend some quality time with each other, it has to be some push and pull from everyone involved.

Thinking: I think way to much. I get tired of thinking and don’t know to turn it off most of the time. I can do so whenever I do activities with other people and doing hobbies, but for the most part I am thinking. So now I will find more ways to get out of my head and just live a little more. I know the way I see the world will come from a more geniune feel (yes, it can get even more authentic)!

The agenda for the next 3 months:

Simply to do things that are natural and live in the moment. Challenge myself in ways I never thought before and see where I go from there.

3 responses to “1st Quarter of 2009 Review”

  1. A few things:

    – I say you should eliminate the snoozing all together. I see using the snooze button as a sign of weakness. You’re procrastinating…putting off the inevitable. Just kick yourself out of the covers and throw yourself out of bed.

    – I think a lot too, but I think you should embrace it instead of stifling your mind. Keep a notepad nearby and jot down thoughts when you get them. When you have more time later, you can revisit the topic in your head.

  2. Richard,

    The not snoozing is getting better. I did snooze this morning, but I am going to blame it on the medication I took for the illness I got over the weekend. But other than that I am doing much better already.

    I have come to understand myself now that I can decrease the amount of time I am in my head by simply doing some thought writing. It has helped me stay in the moment and think of other things I am going through.

    I do need to get a small notebook, it will help me write in a different matter than always in front of my laptop.

  3. Oaks,

    It’s amazing how productive you are. I don’t know what part of the brain is responsible for that kind of motivation but at times I think that mine can turn itself off. I remember certain times in my life where I felt that motivation, and other, more depressing times, when I lived in a filthy apartment and re-read the Catcher in the Rye a billion times.

    We need to hang out some time. All of us: you, Shannon, me, Shannon, Ruben, his new girl, Dan, Dorinda…… and everyone else.

    Well, I’m glad everything is working out. Take care,


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