2018: ?

The year has started. The first month is almost finished. I’m selling coffee. But I still feel confused. I feel like Mark at the end of the story. There, at the beach, thinking about his life and all the positive things to come his way.

Oh yeah. Mark. Who the fuck is Mark. Mark is the main character of my book. He goes through this week long journey of getting rid of everything. Than he is ready to face his future straight on and than bam. Something happens at the very last minute.

I feel like Mark before that minute. I feel hopeful, anxious, confused but ready for whatever comes my way. I have no real clue of how I’m going to get to a place that I don’t even know the path of. I think as long as I try things differently. Get scared a little and just keep pushing myself into a place that I have no clue of how it’s going to help me.

Yeah. Some shit like that. lol. Thinking about it out loud is like I’m trying to hard to do things differently. But I have to do things differently in order to get to a place better than I was the previous year.

There is no easy way around it. I have to just keep on doing things that seems out of the ordinary and that I keep asking myself why. And for now I don’t know what the why is. I guess it can be why am I doing this business stuff. But that question was answered years ago.

So. I guess the why that I’m thinking about right now is why me? When I’m providing freshly, roasted, tasty coffee? So what. Alot of people are doing that around town. Hell, customers don’t even care about that. Well. They do. They taste freshness in the cup of coffee. But it has to be more of a selling point than that. That is the part that I need to figure out in order to grow the way that I want.

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