Book Review: Invisible Man- The quote that gives the book away…

“And although I knew no one man could do much about it, I felt responsible. All our work had been very little, no great change had been made. And it was all my fault. I’d been so fascinated by the motion that I’d forgotten to measure what it was bringing forth. I’d been asleep, dreaming.”

Just one week taking the fiction class have given me a renewed love for reading. I have been going back and forth with reading, The Invisible Man, and I can now see the importance and style of the author. This very quote helped me to understand the meaning of the novel and also the importance of the title. I have felt this way many times in my life with the notion of trying my best to do something that I believe in and getting people to see it from my point of view and the individual doesn’t change for the better or to my liking. The pages proceeding this very quote gives more details on the way the main character feels about his work and also the people that he is associated with. He is indeed angry and uses a cunning way of getting the audience to realize his way of thinking and feeling, especially with emotions linked to his speeches.

Everyone has a different style of writing, speaking, expressing themselves. At times it can be mature or at the peak of the person’s intelligence. Whatever the case a person should do from their heart and not worry about what others will say.

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