Barack Thanks for Proving me Wrong. Now it’s Time to Change the World!

There once was a time when I was a young boy growing up in urban Houston, Tx. A friend and I were chilling one summer afternoon or sometime where there was light outside. The topic of the conversation switched to where I was born and who I could and couldn’t be in this country.

My friend Ben said, “You were born in Nigeria and there for can’t be President in the United States.”

I wasn’t pissed or mad about his comment, but without hesitation I told him, “You can’t either.”

Ben laughed…I laughed…and we went on discussing the only reason why it can’t be possible in his case to be President. We joked about it over the years and even told other people we knew of the same story I sit here telling you.

It is time to eat my words and congratulate Barack Obama on making my statement not come true. It takes a bigger person to admit that he was wrong for what he said in the past. However, I am not the only other person that thought this. There are many more Americans that feel that something will happen to Barack, but I say give him the chance to prove his message and promise, and we shall judge his policies and effort to bring the nation together by him not living up to his expectations and not by his race.

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