2nd Quarter Review and What I’m Planning

This post was written 2 months ago and have been busy doing other things. It is funny, though, once you write something down, things start to happen and relatively quickly.

The second quarter has come and past, I’m already into the discovery of my next step in my life. I’m not going to explain what did and didn’t happen, but I’m to say that it was a hard, challenging, and a worthwhile quarter.

For the most part, my story isn’t as different from the next person, but as I talk to more people and get their take on what I’m doing, I am seeing that I’m taking hold of my life, even with being trap in Corporate America. I have learn that I’m my worst enemy and my biggest cheerleader. I have to learn the difference between being motivated by others and motivated by myself. If one is constantly motivated by others, than their life is not theirs, they are being push in the wind, because the action is controlled by reaction.

“It is easy to be motivated by somebody not believing in you; the hard part is to be motivated when no one is around…


This quarter is all about how I can do more towards my passion. Yes, I know I am already doing so, but more on a balance scale. I laugh at this because I am constantly challenging myself to do more.

Some things I am to do this quarter:

– Write for 24 hours straight.

Take an east coast road trip.

-Take to leisure learning class that deal with magazine photography and photojournalism

-Promote my blog to others

Increase my writing time to 1 hour per day

-Write more essays and start to edit old ones

Start a non-fiction book about the journey becoming a writer (did the outline this morning)

-Get more involved in the writing and photography world

Challenge a couple of people to live the life they want (harder challenge than I thought, I might suspend my efforts altogether)

-Develop a method of learning the 500+ words I have accumulated in the past 7 months

-To meet somebody who inspires me (somebody famous, either Steve Martin, Colin Cowherd, Tavis Smiley, Will Smith, whoever, it is going to happen)

That’s what I have so far, I’m ready to see how things come about.

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