Go to a Relaxing Place and Think

The Chronicles of my Life…

At times during our lives we have to stop and think about where we are going, what we did wrong, and how to constantly improve. Within a week I will be listing my goals, vision, and mission of my life. I thought that I had it down, but I had no clue until an annoying person kept on asking me what is the meaning of my life. This weekend I am going to Dallas for a business/leadership conference. I really don’t know what to expect, but I will do my best to see what I can gain out of it.


My day job is actually going pretty well. I am busy and also learning quite a bit about flooding and drainage through computer software and asking questions from experience people. The people are really relaxed(which is scary) and they seem to have a lot of fun at and away from the workspace. I can totally see a huge difference in the company that I was at compared to my current one.


One hobby that I truely love and have gotten away from in the last 7 months is automobiles and racing. I used to autocross at least once a month and going on road trips from time to time. It was simply amazing, but I just got so involved with business and learning new things. However, it has not left me and I don’t think it will ever leave me. I am conducting an introductory gas mileage test right now and will be documented in my auto basic blog I will let everyone know about in the weeks to come. The main reason for starting this new blog is to give back to all the people who I have helped with their car problems in a way that will educate and provide real world applications to apply in their situation. Trust me, I have tons of crazy ideas, people will think that this guy nuts. Also, I have thought of a great business model around this very automotive blog that will allow me to also benefit monetary from something I love to do. There are many more hobbies that I will continue to do, they will be depicted in my Life Goals.

Side hustle

The concept of businesses and the way they operate seems simple, but people can take things personal. This statement is very vague, but true in all aspect of business, whether being a business owner or employee everyone has gone through an emotional attachment to “work”. As I type now I am going through that right now with someone who said that they will do something and has totally “GONE CRAZY”. That is all I am going to say about the situation right now, but trust me you will hear about it. Aside from losing money and not getting the amount of traffic you want coming to your website, people taking over of an idea that you made to reality to benefit them in the short and long term has got to be the biggest NIGHTMARE of business. I can totally deal with competition, shit not going your way, and an idea that was constructed really shitty not working out, but damn having a concept that was thought and planned out gets fucked because of conflicts of interest just tears a person up inside.

So with that said…

Everyone have a good week and try to get away from the nightmares that creep up in our lives from time to time. Remember, they will surely come, but it matters how you deal and get through those nightmares.

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