48-hour Film Festival…sorta gone bad, but…


This photo has nothing to deal with the post down below. I just wanted to let people know I went bald, actually a couple of weeks now. This new appearance has given me the balls to do more and to express myself. We will see how long it last, but I’m diggin it!

The Start of The Weekend…

Last Friday started as they all do: wake up, get dressed, run to the bus stop (because my time management skills suck), and so on and so forth. I already had my day figured and planned, and was looking forward to the events of the night. As the time was creepin noon I received calls from a random assortment of friends. But, there was one series of texts, emails, and calls that I knew that would alter Friday night.

You see, all I do for the most part is work, see my girlfriend,  and friends from time to time (not much, lately), and write. I write about whatever, but most of the time I’m doing this relaxing-repetitive-passion by myself. After I am done I usually don’t look back at it. At times I email a couple of friends to see what they think of my writing, and of course I post some writing on the blog. But, something about doing a collective thing with other people sounded so interesting and I was told in peculiar ways from 2 people that will stay anonymous, but meant well that this is a different form of writing that I will learn from and get me out of my comfort level.

So, I canceled my other plans and as the time kept getting closer to the enivitable meet-up I organically got more excited about attending and contributing to the group.

It’s Action Time…

I was heading to a 48 hour film competition. I was a contributing writer of a short film lasting no more than 8 minutes. I wasn’t looking to get known for the work, I just wanted to contribute, I just wanted to be a part of something that a collective group of people did.

But as the night kept moving, I noticed that people formed groups of familiarity, I saw people talking amongst each other and not giving much care to my group’s ideas (we didn’t have much, but they were worth incorporating in the overall make up of the story).

Hell, for that matter I couldn’t even think of anything of substance. I guess it could have been the “not used to” the group, it could be because I’m not accustomed to developing a film production story line. Who knows. I just sat there and started to feel as if I wasted my Friday, I could have been drinking with friends.

Didn’t Do Shit!!!

The night went on. I laughed my ass off and felt like shit when I saw the sign on a door that read, WRITER’S ONLY. I told myself that these fools don’t know what writing was, I perform the act every day.

I calmed down. I realized that this is something I don’t get at all. It is hard to get a group of writers together to talk about their work, anyway.

I Saw the Experience for What it Was

All of a sudden events quickly happened, it probably was because I was hungry and stop caring about my part of the film production. But more importantly, I saw the film contest of something amazing. Something that I have not experience. I looked at the contest for what it was and saw that 10-15 people came together to make a short movie in 2 whole days. From conception, to make-up and production, to editing, finally to completion. This was a great team to watch; because they won the competition the year before. Everyone knew there role and for the most part no one tried to play the star of the competition.

My attitude became positive. I began talking to people who were there for similar reasons. One characteristic that I saw in all of the people’s faces were the passion and determination to do their craft. These people and I’m sure for other people involved in this 48-hour short film competition; they had the want to do something that was bigger than the collective group of the team.

At around 12:30, 1:00, it was time to go. I could have stayed longer, but the team was slowing down and getting ready for bed, preparing for the next day, which was production day.

I continued with my week and enjoyed it for what it was. However, this experience just pushes me to want to do something like this again. Of course having a greater role than eating free food and talking to people.

I want to experience a project from start to finish, this will be sooner, rather than later.

2 responses to “48-hour Film Festival…sorta gone bad, but…”

  1. Lol @ you going “bold”. You gotta proofread sometimes my brother but it sounded like fun. You know I like the whole movie making process yet another thing I’ve missed out on being out in the middle of nowhere like LOST sigh…

  2. Yep, I changed it right after you mentioned it. I guess I got to proof read more. It is all good. I will like to take the movie thing more seriously when you get back. Should be tons of fun.

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