5 Weeks of Bliss is Over…

Well my five weeks of vacation is pretty much over. I start work with my new company tomorrow. I am kind of excited, but wish I had more vacation with tons of money in the bank and do more of what I was doing from being off. That will have to wait and will have to get used to working and performing my passion activities whenever I have free time. I do not have any regrets from my time off and felt that I let things happen as natural as possible and noticed that some activities that I do like to do have to be forced. I believe that was one of my biggest realization with my time away from the ‘9-5’.

Why force is needed when wanting to do

There are many things that we as people want and don’t want to do. As with the majority of the world we do things from go to work, pay our bills, wake up when we are not fully rested, or whatever else. However, when we want to write, play a sport, take dance lessons, or exercise it is a hassle. When I first started working out I couldn’t stand my body being in pain and the commitment of time required to get my body into shape. I would skip days and wouldn’t work out on a regular routine. As I slowly saw results with my body I kept at it and now feel like shit if I don’t workout at my designated times during the week. Now it is getting to the point that I am addicted to working out and do get a sense of relief and gratification.

The principle of forcing myself to do something has to be a part of my life and especially with passions I think that I want to do. How am I going to really know if I like something if I don’t give it an honest try? I won’t and it will be foolish of me to keep thinking that I love to do something if I do the activity once or twice. So that is what I am going to do for passions that are on my mind. I will start this with writing. My goal for this week will be to write for 1-2 hours for 6 days. My blogging will not count for this exercise and will either be writing about what is in my head or my short story that is almost complete or my new idea for my novel.

I will continue my workout schedule and use this week to get focused with work and tying everything else around it. The reasons why are because that is how I will get paid to pay my rent, bills, and other ‘monkey on my back’ expenses and is going to take up the majority of my time during the work week. I will also continue to read books at a rate of 1 book per 1-2 weeks and give myself a mini book report.

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