A New Hobby: Bonsai Tree

On Saturday my fiancée and I decided to get some fresh air and enjoy the nice weather we have been getting in Houston. We started late, but was extremely excited that we made it. The place of interest was the Japanese Garden. There were plenty of plants that lost their scent and the Houston weather had beat the shit out of their appearance, but it was still cool to leave the house and just enjoy the time.

We were close to not even going in until my fiancée saw that they were having an exhibit of some sort. I never heard of it and thought that this made it more than worth it to make a couple more trips around the parking lot. I had no clue what the hell a Bonsai tree was. We walked in and I saw these plants and noticed that they resembled real life trees, just smaller. A guy was selling them and I wasn’t interested in that, I just wanted to see what was all of the fuss was in the other room.

When we walked into the main exhibit hall I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seriously. I’m still thinking of all of what I saw and there was calming music playing in the background. The fiancée did say it was a calming feeling to walk through and was amazed at the different types of trees that were presented. Again, I can’t explain much of what I saw, I just knew that was what I wanted to pickup as a hobby and knew that I should do some research and see what is all involved in the process and art of the bonsai tree.

The thing I like about the whole new hobby is the ability to make it the way I want. I can play God and express myself in a long-term process. This is where I will get satisfaction from the actual process of creating the tree and when I’m relaxing sipping some tea, reading a book or writing my novel. I love that I can check-out a book from the library and see all of the possibilities I can make.

The next process is to start learning about the art and history of the bonsai tree. I’ll call this new endeavor the “Midget Tree” experiment.

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