A Post Revisited: I Lost the Love…

A poem that still is true today.

I wrote this poem over three years ago. I don’t know who goes back to reread my old stuff. I know it is hard to get past the typos, shitty grammar, and incorrectness of other things I wasn’t aware of back then. However, I’ve edited the post/poem and I hope that you can take it for what it is.

I’ll tell you right now, it isn’t about any girl that I’ve dated or had relations with. Let me know what you think

I Lost the Love

She was very good to me. Never talked back and supported me with all the stupid ideals I had. I thought that I would stay with her the rest of my life. We would help each other through everything– but she turned on me. Or did I loose interest in her?

I don’t really know, but I found someone new, someone that challenges me and keeps me on my toes. See, it is not that I still don’t love the old one, it is that she let me do whatever I wanted: was very passive, and she always wanted to do the same things, even though I wanted to spice things up. I don’t think I will ever give up the new love because things are always constantly changing, however, I am learning each and everyday about her. And as I continue to grow she is learning something about me that she didn’t know once before. It is so much of an adventure for both of us, I look forward to smelling her perfume and seeing her beautiful face each and everyday.

That is how life is, and the sad part about it all is that there are people that change for the better or worse OR simply settle for whatever life presents them. I used to be the settling type, but not anymore, because life is made of so many things and you simply can’t experience them by settling.

The End…

What Love did I Loose?

I lost the love. This poem is about something I thought I was passionate about and realized 3 months in, that I wasn’t at all. Waking up 5 days straight and doing the same thing over and over again has lead me to believe that this was all there was to life.

When it comes down to it, I lost the love of engineering and what I could do with it.

I read this very same post yesterday, and couldn’t believe how shockingly true it still is. I was cringing, but thrilled that I said such powerful words 3 or so years ago. I think the reason why I relived these moments of my life is because it shows me that what I believe before, is still what I believe now. And now that I have some time to mature, I have come to the realization of not dwelling on the same things. It is pointless to do so, the only action that I need to and have done is to figure out what I want to do, in order to find the love that I once had.

However, I’ve found it once again.

I believe, with the writing and all, that I have found my true passion. I guess the reason why I want other people to find their passion is to feel what I feel and do things that their minds have no idea of imagining. Here is a sick fact, can you see yourself doing something for 200+ days? How would you feel if you couldn’t do that thing anymore? What would you fill your day with doing, instead?

Just think about it, in the meantime, reread the poem and see how your perspective changes after you analyze your life now and where you see yourself in the future.

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