A Quick Update of What’s Going On…

I haven’t wrote much of anything in some time now. I could blame it on pure laziness, but the truth is that I’m been busy with exciting changes in my life. Here is a quick update of what has been going on lately.

The Photography.

The photography thing is a real thing. It is like the writing thing of last year. It is taking hold of me and now I’m obsessed with the notion of getting better with snapping a photo. It is cool that I can express myself in many ways and one of them is one of the vividly apparent way possible. I’ll be showing a couple of my top pics from last month probably in the next post or whenever.

I’m continuing to take more and different types of photos. I’m reading books on the subject. And going to get ready to work on my short, mid and long term goals with my photography as a passion and a profession. I wonder what I will learn from this crazy passion. I will also talk about how hard it is to joggle 2 passions at once and my master plan of combining the 2 for my biggest career move, ever, or should I say yet. You will see.

Whatever Happened to the Novel?

A couple of days ago I started rewriting my novel. Well, sorta. I have wrote an outline of what I want to get accomplish and the ways I’m going to. I wrote about the books I’m going to be reading in lieu of doing my rewrite. This whole thing is bad ass. The thought of having something that I made (a pile of shit right now) and turning it to the best thing I could ever do is absolutely amazing and excites me in other ways.

There will be updates here and there and will actually do more video of the things I’m doing with the novel.

The Move…

3 weeks now my finance and I have moved into our own, brand new house! It is a great feeling and have been taking the time to adjust and get used to taking the bus into work, figuring out the neighborhood, and loving the fact that we bought something that we are going to do what we can for each other for a long time. I have taken pictures of when the boxes were out, I will show more of those with the new-cleaned up version soon.

No More Business Experiment Anymore

It has been around 4 weeks since I stopped selling shoes online. I actually didn’t sell shit this past month. It wasn’t a hard decision. I wanted to do it soon. I wasn’t making any money and was more of an hassle. I’ll write about this in more detail, but I wanted to also say that all of those shoes are not any where in sight has given me so much gratification and determination to do the things I want to do in my own life.

I Work Best When my Back is Against the Wall

I say this because it is true. I have to worry and do more things since I’ve moved into the house. I have to pay for more bills and also make sure that I’m doing a great job at work so they won’t have a reason to get rid of me. The pressure hasn’t kicked in yet, but it will soon. I’m not scared right now. But I know that I can do more for myself and will do so. I will talk about these type of pressures on another level when I see fit.

This is it for now. I’ll try to post more often this month.

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