Activities I’m Looking Forward to Getting Back to Doing.

I just don’t know what to write anymore. This challenge is killing me right now. It is a worthy challenge. I just wish I had more to talk about. I guess some of the things I’m looking forward to getting back to is post twice or so a week. I know people would like me to post more, but I’m not an effective person that way. For the most part, I won’t be able to get everything done that I want to get done. The blog is more of a reporting back and to give people encouragement. Here’s a quick list of what I’m looking forward to getting done:

1. Finishing up my photography website – This is going to be the biggest push. What I have up there now isn’t what I want to do in the future. I’m still going to produce the photographs that would look great in an office building or in someone’s home, but that isn’t going to be my target type of work that I want to sell. Here’s a hint: it’s about people. Most of it is me just writing and presenting some amazing copy and getting more testimonials will greatly help people make the decision to hire me to do their portraits (sorry no weddings, I just don’t care for them). I will also be doing a video, so this is going to be a fun and very involved project for me.

2. Novel Writing- This is a big one. I’m at the stretch of finishing the first half of the book. It is taking sometime to get to the place that I’m at right now. I just need to devote more time to it. I didn’t do that at all this month and will be sitting better once I get the first half done and be able to do the final edit to come at the beginning of the year.

3. Reading More- I just got finish reading a book that I’ve been reading for the past couple of months. I just made it a point to finish it. I feel better and am going to write something about that very book this monday. I want to continue the reading and am extremely excited to get back to reading some self-help books. I need to reorganize my thinking and just get back to basics. 3-4 years ago I was big into them and they have helped shaped me to who I am now. I just love the feeling and the way I am when I can read, self-analysis myself and live my life. I think I am honest with myself to the point that I am a fair person to myself and to what I want to do in my life and to people around me. I just want to get back to that again.

4. Photographing More- I have done some here and there and I want to see the whole point of me getting better in my life. So I will be just taking the camera out and learning as much as I can. We will see how that goes, especially since I love to do it.

5. Watching Movies- This used to be a past time of mine. I’ve started to do more of it lately and want to see what I learn from interesting films. It is cool to see the how people think differently and how their concepts come together.

6. Being one with myself- I need alone time. I just need it and know that once I give that to myself I will feel better. Alone time is one of the things that we all need and I think it makes for a sane person. I’ll write about this more tomorrow.

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