Activities You Can Do Alone to Help Improve Your Life

Yesterday I talked about setting some time to yourself. I don’t think we allow ourselves that time to ourselves and I’m going to try to help out to give yall some suggestions on how I go about doing so.

I used to always feel that I needed to be around people to have fulfillment. I had plenty of friends and associates to fill that need and was on my way to be the social guy that I always wanted to be. However, once I got home and had time to myself I didn’t know what it was that I wanted to do or who I was for that matter. This is when I began the self-help phase of my life. I started to read books, working out and allowing myself to chill by myself. The most improvement that I saw instantly was me running. I like to work out on my own and realized that my head was more clear and I had a better attitude towards life.

So, these are the things I did in the past and do now to help me being one with myself:

1. Morning time- As I have said before I make it a point, especially during the week, to write first thing in the morning. Nobody is up at that time. The house is quiet and allows me the ultimate freedom to get whatever off my chest as I want to. I can write a blog post, a journal entry, write in the novel, discuss something dealing with my business, or whatever. Just the thought of working on myself with myself is what helps me to become level headed.

I would suggest giving yourself 10 minutes in the morning to write. You can get up ten minutes earlier and before you do anything you can type or write. Everyone is different. You might feel it a burden or you might get something from it.

2. Reading time- Reading is something that can be on the fence and all. The thing about reading is that you are occupying your mind with something of not you. But any type of activity that is away from the television is good. The best time to do this is when you are sitting in quiet or whatever you feel comfortable. Just stay away from things that are distracting.

You can give yourself 20-30 minutes every other day or whatever you feel comfortable. The thing to remember is that we are dividing our time more to things that are about us and decreasing the amount of passive time, which is the television.

3. Walking– This can be done by yourself or with other people. Try it a couple of times by yourself then do with other people.

I know it sounds boring or useless, but walking and clearing your mind does help your sanity.

4. Exercising– Another great one. There isn’t much to say about it. The added benefit is that you can feel good about yourself afterwards.

You don’t have to be training for a marathon to take control of your body. I started my latest workout with doing 10 minutes to 20 minutes of exercises a couple of times a week and have allowed me being able to fit in my pants and shirts. A little goes a long way.

5. Mediating– This can be whatever. The goal here is to be by yourself and not doing much of anything. This one is something that I’m lacking and need to do more of this coming month. I love coming home from work and just sitting there. It feels so good and I can go about my day and not want to bite somebody’s head off.

This sounds like crap and a waste of time, but the amount it clears your head is where it matters.

That is it for now. If anyone has any others that may have helped you in the past please let me know.

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