Are you scared of competition?

I have really been thinking of this question since last night reading a couple of blogs and watching this video. I started to panic and thinking of what I was going to do if there was competition, because it will come. First one out doesn’t mean that you will be on top forever. People can see what you are doing, copy your idea and make it even better. There will be people doing so and you just have to be ready, or you will be back to the drawing board. That is the nature of business, nothing is fair in the world and you have to go for what you want and be able to react to competition.

Have you thought of failure?

I have thought of failure, but not long enough. Failure can last a long time. A couple of months, a year, a week, or a lifetime, however, it only matters what you do afterwards once you are down. So with that said, “bring on the competition“.

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