As in Life, Shit Changes

When I was a kid growing up, for some reason, it didn’t seem weird to me at all, that we would use our dishwasher as storage. I figured out later that it was broken and my parents never used one in the first place ever since they moved to the states, it was a non-issue. I didn’t have a problem with washing dishes by hand, even though it took a long time, I just did it.

When I left for college, the best method to clean a nasty college apartment was to stick the damn dishes in the dishwasher. Besides, name me a college student who liked washing dishes over sleeping. I at times would actually study because I didn’t want to wash the dishes that were piled high in the sink.

Using the dish washer was just something I used on a regular basis and now I love using it to help me out in the house.

Everything has a purpose and reason at any given time period or span in ones life. The uses for appliances and the way of getting things done either evolve or simply not done anymore. I’m not talking about a select few of items in a persons life, I mean every facet and every which way.

Everyone knows the old saying that people don’t change, they become more of who they are within time. Sure that is true for many people, but there are some people in this big ass world that really do change. Some people want different things out of the world, some people look down on the traditional, “the way everyone else does it” mantra, some people love to be loners where they can think and operate in a way that makes them extremely happy.

This way of change and new way of operation is fine and actually makes you feel so so alive. But, this took me awhile to get a handle over and still learning about the best way to deal with this situation: people, if you have known them for a month or decades, will think that you are out of your mind. They will think that you are so different. They will feel that something is extremely wrong with you. They will here you talk about roses and think that you just told them that they were the worst person in the world.

I think the worst parts about all of this change are a couple of things. First, the crappy part is those individuals won’t try to understand you at the new level or walk of life that you are in. They will scratch their heads and wonder why did you change so much. Again, wonder, not ask you how your new way of seeing the world is so amazing or simply just accepting that you aren’t the same person any more. Secondly, which is the toughest part of them all, just like the dishwasher, the friendship of people will have different roles and functions in your life. Some people will roll with you forever, some associates will become good friends and some good friends will not be friends anymore.

Yep. I said it. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. It happens to all of us, we grow or get to a place where we are more of who we are. That’s life. It sucks. I never knew that was even possible. Even the bullshit lie people say about college being the best years of your life and that those friends will be your best friends for life. It’s not true. As much as I think of that damn leaf in the wind, not doing anything at all, always staying the same, it’s not. That leaf isn’t soft anymore, it’s changed colors and can easily be crushed with two fingers. Whatever, I think you get the picture.

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