Assignment #1 of Business Idea Complete…

My brother’s car is out of the driveway for good. It was sold during my lunch hour with less than 12 hours of listing on The car sold for $1200 bucks, I would have been even more happy to sell the car for $1500 bucks, but my brother wanted to just get rid of the car and was fine with the final price. I could have done a better job selling the car, even though I am a car guy, I haven’t sold much of anything car related, but it is great practice nontheless.

Lessons Learned

1. Fix what is absolutely necessary- There are a couple of things that I could have done to the car that didn’t have to be done. Irranically it totally depended on who I was selling the car to. The person I sold the car to I could have did $100 bucks of work because he was a mechanic and was really just looking to flip the car. All of the work that was done to the car was just enough for a person looking to buy a car that would be a good daily driver with basic maintenance and would last a good while. I could have gotten more money out of the deal also.

2. Selling cars can be heart warming- I know people might be saying that is totally bullshit, but I really did feel that I was helping somebody out more than receiving money on my end. I had a number of people call me asking questions about the car and to see if it was still up for sale. It seemed that people didn’t care about the appearance of the car, just that if it was working and in good condition.

3. works- I didn’t think this system of selling my brother’s car was going to work, because I didn’t know anyone who used craigslist to sell a vehicle. But oh my God, it does work, and it is looking like my best options to sell a vehicle.

4. Listing info- I have noticed also that the best way to list information about the car is by telling just enough to let people know if the car is worth buying and also answers the simple questions. I should also give more photos of the car to help the person make a good judgement.

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