August: Another Super Crazy Challenge (It’s been awhile, you know)

It’s been a month since I’ve posted and it feels good. I have neglected the blog, but for good reasons. I’ve been busy making moves and pleased to announced that the rejection process is still going on. However, my confidence is building and no doesn’t stop me from trying, it pushes me to calibrate my approach, appearance and attitude. This is an amazing feeling. It’s like when you are first starting to go out and getting rejected left and right. You feel like shit and you improve yourself and your confidence grows. You feel like a piece of shit for a long time, but you then start believing that you are the shit.

This Month…

Is very special for me. It is something that just came out of nowhere and now is here and I’m feeling good. It is for the whole month of August, I’m getting work to help build my portfolio in the fields of photography that I want to pursue and to also build relationships with the people around town.

The fields of focus are:

  1. Corporate Portraits
  2. Commercial Photography
  3. Performing Arts Head shots

Those are it. That is what I’m working with right now and this whole experience so far has taught me that I have to make the wheels turn and that I can’t be scared to put myself out there.

What I plan to do for these various types of focuses is build my portfolio by helping create images that my “client’s” want. I’ll explain more of this as I gather my thoughts and plan of action for all the different projects that I plan to do. But this will help me out with is that once the photographs are done, edited and delivered to the client, I will then make my portfolio books from each experience. I already have one book to show people, but after I am finish with this process, I will have 4-5 books.

My confidence, as I stated earlier, is already growing and with these portfolios underneath my arms, the possibilities of finding clients will be that much more easier.

Once I finalize my list of things to do, I will discuss what I’m doing and how I’m going to go about making it happen.

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  1. Thanks man! The month is coming along and happy, for the most part of the direction it is going in. I will report back in September.

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