Bar-B que pits vs. Taco stands

It is crazy and amazing to see taco stands and bar-b que pits all over the place that I live. I get annoyed at times because there are so many of them. These mobile eateries have a mission to provide homemade food that people are interested in. They would set up shop anywhere there is high traffic or a nearby burger joint. The whole concept is truely entrepreneural and the simple fact that people are working for themselves. However, after a while all of the taco stands and bar-b que pits will become all the same and no one would care which one they purchase food from. Then again these eatery spots can be satisfied with the amount of traffic that they are generating and won’t care about expanding their market to make even more money.

So the lesson to take from these people are that if you have a plan or idea, then take charge and make it a reality, don’t let a chance pass you by.

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