Basketball Season is Here. And Every Year I Care Less.

The new basketball season starts today. The reason I know that is with the news coverage and people at work telling me so.

It seems that every year my attention for basketball continues to get pushed back. I don’t watch it as much as the year before and I don’t even feel bad because of it. I think the fact that I am doing other things in my life that I don’t care as much. Or it could be that as anything in life, basketball is a repeat of the mundaneness of the chores we do daily, weekly, monthly and routinely.

Have you noticed that we are triggered by events of television that lets us know which part of the year we are in? Sure the weather may change and that affects us more, but we are happy and frustrated by what’s on television. I was talking to a co-worker a couple of weeks and I told her after the NBA season ended that this is one of my favorite part of the year. Because it is the time that I can get my own stuff done. She told me she didn’t like this time of year. Because there was nothing for her to do.

I was shocked at the words she said and how she understood how important time to myself was important to me. But she waited and was even able to watch all of the (pointless) pre-season games. Whatever the case she enjoyed herself and now will be planted in front of the television for 8 months straight. I just can’t do it anymore. I feel that I’m wasting time and that if I don’t take hold of my life now then when will I? I’m glad that this has been a gradual process and know that as long as I’m enjoying myself I will be in a better place and that I can make the decisions on my own to live my life accordingly.

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