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I have been reading quite a bit lately and want to let people know what kind of books that I am reading and to get your take on some more reading that I can do in the near future.

Secrets from the Lost Art of Common Sense Marketing:

If I was in a book store and picking a book to read about marketing this one wouldn’t have been my choice. However, I am so glad that it was in my garage (ironic isn’t it). Just reading the introduction I quickly became hooked and learned tons about customer service and how to keep a customer buying from you and get those frequent customers to spread the word of mouth about your business. The title was right about how common sense the marketing tips are, but it really boils down to the owner/entrepreneur of the business to use and help his/her customers to make life easier for both parties. I also learned so many perks that I can use for my current venture and future ones. I rate this book an A-.

The Fine Art of Small Talk:

Great small book, just simply great in so many ways. This book is of course about creating small talk with old and new people that you know. Whether it is in a business setting, social event, or simply someone on the street The Fine Art of Small Talk gives you the confidence and question database to talk to people. However, after reading it one can become frustrated because they are not getting any better at talking to people. That can happen if you are not practicing the questions in the book on family, friends, and strangers and most importantly breaking out of your comfort zone. I rate this book A-.

The Art of the Start:

The Art of the Start was the last book I read. This book was a roller coaster ride for me. In the beginning it was great because it explained the art of just getting started. However, the next couple of the chapters that came focused on venture capital and angel investors. It quickly made sense to me that Guy Kawasaki was writing from his experience as being venture capitalist. At the current stage that I am in with my business venture this book didn’t suit me well. However, it was good to see business from a different person’s perspective. My favorite chapter of The Art of the Start was Branding. Branding is very important in business and Guy Kawasaki gave valid points such as creating a contagious product/service, listening and implementing on your customers feedback, foster a community, and creating a buzz about your business. That chapter alone is worth the price of the book. I rate The Art of the Start a B-.

Lol, the Art

“By its original and broadest definition, art (from the Latin ars, meaning “skill” or “craft“) is the product or process of the effective application of a body of knowledge

Knowledge is something that everyone has. One may have a little or a ton of it, but there are so many was knowledge can be acquired. Whether it is reading a book, talking to friends, watching a movie, listening to music, thinking about life, knowledge is gained. So with that said, go create your own Art.

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  1. Dude .. you don’t read books .. you listen to books .. i don’t know if its the same thing . I think psycologically there is a difference . I don’t know .. imma try to raed one of those thou

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