Build it and They Will Come is…

…bullshit. That hasn’t worked for me at all. Sure I could do some SEO, or spam the hell out of people on twitter (which I haven’t used in over a year and a half) or constantly harass the people I know. However, that wouldn’t do anything for me because I’m still staying in my comfort level, I’m still doing things that I think that will provide results, but don’t do anything at all. I’m in the denial stage of growing a business. The fact that I’m doing the same things that got me to the position I’m at is making me feel frustrated. Just pushing myself doing the same thing is literally driving me crazy and I need to shake things up. That means that the things that I’m scared of doing needs to be done. I need to stop reading, thinking and over analyzing the situation. I have to do what scares the shit out of me. If I don’t, then I will NEVER grow as a business person and person.

There has to be more work from the person who is trying to get business. Its that simple. That is what I’m dealing with. I have never been in this situation before where I have to fend to find my own work. Nobody is going to just give me business, especially someone who doesn’t know that I do photography for a living.

The Side Note of My Thoughts in My Head

This post was going to be a long, elaborate one. I was going to write about the anger that I felt from not getting more clients than what I have been getting lately. But that is just me having my own pity party. Besides, that isn’t who I am. I am a person who sees things for what they are, changes up the situation and finds a new way of doing things.

With that said, that is what I’m going to do exactly. Starting this week, I’m going to be going out into my community and let as many people know what I do and how I can help them. That’s it. Simple and all, but that is what is required for me to get the ball rolling. I can think about having that mindset that I’m not from here and I have to get my own business. That thinking is not needed. Wherever I’m at in the world, I have to do that regardless. I have to find my own work that is independent of who I know. Who I know is still a great asset, but as I’ve done so far, I can’t depend on it.

I don’t know where this will go. I’m sure I will get discourage from time to time, but that is fine. That is part of doing business. This will be more of a character builder for me and will ultimately show me how bad I really want this. Again, this will make me who I will be for years to come. Yes, scary to say that, but that’s the truth. Think about that for a minute. If I wasn’t challenging myself in this realm of unknown territory and was just doing what I’m doing right now, then my life is what it is. Meaning that the status quo isn’t changing, and I’m not.

Again, character builder, that’s what this is all about. You will be over my back during this journey. I allow you to give me advice, laugh with me and at, perhaps challenge yourself to do something to get you out of your comfort zone or whatever. This is a character builder thing, I’m ready for that.

2 responses to “Build it and They Will Come is…”

  1. What EXACTLY are the scare-the-shit-out-of-me ideas? What are he things that need doing? Quit the job? Move to Paris? Throw out the internet and cable TV? (your wife will oppose the tv thing). Stop buying things that you have to worry about? In the immortal words if tge Goddesss of Victory – Just Do It. (But don’t move to France, ok?)

  2. Thanks for responding, Esther. Lol, no moving to Paris, the internet is needed from time to time, but more grassroots marketing that will get me going into the opposite direction that the current state of social media is going. I can’t get rid of cable TV, Shannon is the big reason for that, but I’ve grown to admire the television shows that I can control watching.

    I like the phase and motto of Nike, “Just Do It”. I’ve been saying that to myself lately all the thinking and analyzing just gets in the way of what actually needs to be done.

    I’m done buying camera equipment, too. Well, sorta, I’ll explain that in the upcoming post about that very thing.

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