Crazy Thinking on the Basketball Court

It is your life.

You never know when you get a realization about life. For me it happened about 2 weeks ago when I was playing basketball with a couple of friends. I was doing great for the first couple of games and then lost two in a row. My knee was hurting and I was dead tired, but all of that didn’t matter. We played another game and I wanted to go out for the day on top. So as the game starts the opponents take an early lead, once my team got the ball I started to think. Not about the actual game, but about life. I was thinking to myself that my life is truely my life. I can do anything I want with it, whether it be save the world or play video games all day it didn’t matter. MY LIFE IS TRUELY MY LIFE. So I took that mentality and put the game in my hands and we won the game. But I stilled kept thinking to myself that I can truely do whatever I want and I would have to suffer the consequences of the outcome. No matter what people say or try to influence you it is up to you to do what you want.

So with that said live the life you want to because you only got one shot at it!

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  1. “MY LIFE IS TRUELY MY LIFE” … Pimps don’t believe in that … Your life belongs to me .. so go out there and egt me some money!!!!!!!!!

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