Destiny vs. Vision, Mission, and Goals

“We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
-E.M. Forester

As soon as this person sent me a message and read this quote I thought about it and left it alone and then read it again and thought about it some more. I have thought about this for sometime, but not in the way this quote is laid out. Yes I am still going to pursue my freelance career fulltime, but right now am enjoying my time working, writing short stories on the side, writing for this blog and taking my business/passion blog more seriously. I also from time to time interact with friends, visit the parents on weekends to catch up, and time with the girlfriend.

But I can easily see how living in the moment and not worried about the future you planned can be put on the side. I think the best medicine for this equation is a balance. Things in life just happen and we have to be ready to adjust to the situation no matter how dramatic or small it is. But we shouldn’t be blind to circumstances that may be a for sure bet to help us in life.

Here is another question to think about when pondering this quote: Do you think you are less of a person if you don’t follow all your dreams that you set for yourself?

I would say kind of, only because if you let the wind sway you back and forth then it shows that you are letting life take you in any direction and life isn’t that important to you. However, checking off accomplishments and goals as you go through life is also meaningless if there isn’t any reasoning behind the victories. It really is to me an effort that the individual has to take to have a balance of destiny and vision, mission, and goals.

I still read this quote every day since it was presented to me and feel that my life is still going to plan but with a cherry on top. I wonder what others think of this quote and where do they feel which side their life is on more than the other…

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