Month is gone….

Expect changes to this website layout next month.

It is about that time for this site and others that I have will be changed. Change is good for many reasons and is more for me than for others because I view the site quite a bit and feel that it can flow better. I am also contemplating changing the title picture. I will think of a couple of ideas and let the changes roll as they may.

Goals at a Holt

I have met most of my goals, but didn’t complete them all. Am I disappointed? Nope, not really, shit happens and being on top of things everytime will make you go crazy. However, being too relaxed on things you want to do really just shows yourself that you really don’t want to do the things you set goals for. I do have 1 more month to get everything ready for next year and I am really ready to end the year on a strong note.

Apartment Searching

My brother and I are looking seriously for apartments around the Houston area. I mentioned this before, but now we are taking the search to another level and will be in the process to check out the interior of the apartments. I am moving out of my parents place for a couple of reasons:

26– Being 26 years old and being home after coming back from college more than 2 years ago says a lot. I don’t know how long I will be in Houston, but I have grown a lot at home, but now need my space to experience life in Houston on my own.

Clearness in the Head– When I am at home at times my head is being pulled left and right with phone ringing, parents calling for whatever reasons, tv’s booming out of control, people playing XBOX 360 only because of your big screen tv in your room can drive someone crazy. So eliminating that will help me provide more focus towards my passions, hobbies, and alone time.

Social Life– Easier to entertain friends, family, girlfriends, and whoever with my own place and show people my personality with the way the apartment is presented. Also, the area that we plan to live is a central location to clubs, social venues, friends, and only 15 mins from home.

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