Education: Why is It Really Important? Part 1

Education. What is it and how important is it really, especially someone who is out of school and just working?

We all know that education is important in our lives. We spent a good portion of our lives getting educated. When we leave formal education we don’t want to ever go back and be victimize with the pressure to learn as much as we can. I think the problem with education lies with the use and intent of it. If all what we are doing with our education is going to work and going home afterwards we have lost the true essence of what true education can do for us.

Ignorance isn’t a Blessing

This is common sense. Nobody wants to not know what is going on in the world around them. They want to know as much as they can in order to live a productive and happy life. But, people are ignorant still anyway. People just learn the bare minimum to get by and to live just an okay life. Even not knowing enough at a job can hinder a person earning more than they thought possible. Besides looking at the people at the top with cliche eye’s you notice three type of people: the know it all, the bullshitter and the ignorant possum who just does the work. The knowledgeable person and the bullshitter are the ones who are at the top. The person who just does the work that is expected of them and not willing to learn more is at the bottom every time.

Ignorance suffocates the soul. It does. I will bring it all together in tomorrow’s post.

One response to “Education: Why is It Really Important? Part 1”

  1. You make a valid point about education. I do agree many people do their best to receive and education just to get a 9 to 5 jobs (myself included). I think the purpose of education is to achieve our own agendas (now this is just my opinion so don’t bight my head off). I believe everyone has an agenda. Mine is to make money so I can do things I enjoy like traveling. If I have to learn a bunch of crap and sit at a desk for a good portion of my life so be it. I still get the fulfillment of traveling to exotic places I would never experience making 7.25 an hours (or whatever minimum wage is now). Teachers have an agenda also, to teach kids. They know they have to go to school to achieve this goal. I guess the point I’m trying to make is receiving an education isn’t always about fulfilling you life. Education is an option that allows you to achieve any goal you want in life. I’m just glad a live in a place that provides an education. There are so many people around the world that would kill to get an education. They know education is the key to changing their lives.

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