Everybody is Lost…


Everybody is lost. Everyone. No one is left out of this discussion. From the 6 year old who is developing his character, but is held down by his/her parents rules to the 60 or 70 year old who isn’t done living and wants to do something different in their lives. Everyone, every single person is lost. It is important to have goals, dreams, and deadlines for our lives, but why do we have to be so rigid with life? For the most part our lives are determined by other people, our decisions to do for ourselves, and the pure luck of going outside and doing with a non-determined mind (letting the wind blow us in the direction she wants us to go).

Every since I got out of school I have been trying to figure out what makes me move, who I wanted to be like, where I wanted to live and so on and so on. I bought business courses, read tons of books, tried skiing, traveled to Japan, and did things I thought I was interested in. I talked to friends, I looked at all the people I came across in my life to see if they knew the answers and way to live life. It seemed that this over-achiever in college had everything figured out, but they were busting their asses off at a job that they would soon lose a year or 2 later. Only to find out they didn’t want to do the job they put their heart and soul into.

When it comes to what we want out of life, it is the change. The change to continue to do what we feel and think is the right way to “our” happiness. Why do we worry about having everything figured out? That question is one that is in constant motion. We have to be willing to listen to our voice inside and no when the bullshit is creeping in.  Because as our lives change, our thoughts and self worth change. Once that happens we are lost again.

As I sit in my cubicle and get busy with the work I have been doing for some time now, I stop and think. I always find the time to stop and think about the future, the past, and what I am going to do next once I leave in a couple of hours. I stop and think of my passions, the things I don’t like to do, the friends who are pissing me off or even the ones who truly want to have a life with me. I think about people who take each day at a time and cherish it and do what they can to live in the moment. Why the fuck, I’m even thinking of all of these thoughts when I have something to do. Am I that lost inside to bring myself back to reality? What is reality, what is my reality? I can’t seem to put a defiant finger on it. I wonder if other people think this way, do they have it figured out? Is social media helping that case to live the life they have always wanted to live? Is watching that television show getting them closer to finding their passions? Is trying new things as fun as they thought it would be? Is doing a job they truly love bringing happiness in their lives? Is reading tons of books or writing every single day a burden or hinderous? Are they just as lost and confused about life as I am? I don’t know (I think so).

There was a time ago (about a year) I got an email from one of my readers. She was telling me that I helped her find direction in her life, I gave her the inspiration to do things she was scared of doing. I was and still touched with the kind words. I kept on asking her more questions about what she was going through, her story sounded like mine, only I was making it known to the world in my own words. When we finally ceased our conversation I came to the conclusion that we are all lost. We are lost with our future, we are lost with our jobs, we are lost with our loved ones, we are simply lost.

Think of this, what does this sound like: “Oh he is just lost”; “She doesn’t have any direction”; “This kid doesn’t know what they want out of life”. There are many more variations of these phrases we have all heard, about ourselves and other people we come into contact with. Why is being lost such a bad thing? Why can’t we just try things and start to figure them out for ourselves or with other people? Lets say we do have it all figured out. We got our goals, our friends, our family, job or career, the perfect life in our eyes. What would that prove? What would having everything all figured out do for us? I don’t know, I am not the person to answer that question, because I have never been in this situation of not being lost. But, what I can say about this concept of being lost is: I like it! Yep, I like not having everything figured out, I like having some uncertainty of my direction. I think it is okay to go through the motions and to slowly try to figure it all out. If I wasn’t constantly trying to find myself, then someone can burn my body and throw my ashes in to the sea of forgetfulness.

Being lost is not a burden. It gives us direction in to what we want to do and who we want to be in life. Why try to have everything figured out, when we will always find something we are not happy or satisfied with? Exactly, that is pointless, we will always find something we want to change. Sometimes I think we go to the beat of ‘taking life by the horns’ too literal and have to realize it is a balance with ‘letting the wind blow you in any which direction’, yep a balance. The only way to have a balance is to be lost, so be lost…

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  1. Oke have you ever listened to Coldplay? They’re pretty tight band. They have song called Lost that I put on repeat and just drift off driving around Houston well while I was there anyways. Here’s the lyrics to the song. Buy the album on i tunes and listen to it Friday morning.

    Just because I’m losing
    Doesn’t mean I’m lost
    Doesn’t mean I’ll stop
    Doesn’t mean I would cross

    Just because I’m hurting
    Doesn’t mean I’m hurt
    Doesn’t mean I didn’t get
    What I deserved
    No better and no worse

    I just got lost
    Every river that I tried to cross
    Every door I ever tried was locked
    Ohhh and I’m…
    Just waiting ’til the shine wears off

    You might be a big fish
    In a little pond
    Doesn’t mean you’ve won
    ‘Cause along may come
    A bigger one

    And you’ll be lost
    Every river that you tried to cross
    Every gun you ever held went off
    Ohhh and I’m…
    Just waiting until the firing stopped
    Ohhh and I’m…
    Just waiting ’til the shine wears off

    (piano solo)

    Ohhh and I…
    Just waiting ’til the shine wears off
    Ohhh and I..
    Just waiting ’til the shine wears off

  2. People, myself included, should spend their lives examining their skill sets and abilities. Experimenting finding out what they are good at and not so good at. What they are interested in and not interested in. Sports, writing, computers, musical instruments, etc… It hopefully starts when you’re younger with support from your family, friends, peers, and community. Everyone has a purpose in life and a talent. Put those two together and work hard towards that and you will have live a fulfilled life. Figure out how to get paid doing something you already enjoy and it’s not work! Also once I had my 1st and only child, so far, I looked at her and all doubt was erased as to what I should be doing with my life. My pupose became even more meaningful as now another asset of my job is to provide and take care of that child no matter what. It’s a challenge but a great feeling also.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts about what you think being lost is to you. It is hard to imagine something we haven’t experience with all of the emotions and the way we truly feel, until that situation really presents itself to us. Our thoughts and actions are constantly changing, not because we want them to, but because of the experience we go through in life.

    Have you started your blog yet?

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