F1 perished heroes, a lesson learned…

Been quite busy with work and the business on the side, but thought it would be a great time to write something. I have been doing alot of things that have been on my mind, but putting a stopage on somethings that brought joy to my life. The one in particular is racing, mainly autoxing, but still a joy. This particular thrill is a classic case of the 80/20 rule, where you race your vehicle through a course for 20% of the time at the event, while the other 80% you are preparing the car, waiting until you start, or talking to new and old friends. However, when you are racing you put more than 80% of your concentration on driving. Well that is besides the point, but the main point of this whole discussion is about losing passion of something you love while learning new and exciting things.

Well one video that brought inspiration and joy to my heart is called F1 perished heroes; view here.

The video brought back the desire to race again, but more importantly the love for life that all of the racers that died. These men didn’t fear anything and I know if they would have been given that same moment in time where it was their last they wouldn’t change one bit of it. They trained hard throughout their lives to get to that very stage to show their families, people who doubted them, and the world that this was their mission in life and that there was nothing no one could do to take their passion away.

So I challenge you to think for sometime to see what your passion is in life and also methodically come up with steps to experience that passion.

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