Follow up on: It’s just a Job…

When I wrote this blog post I felt that I was too strong with words, but at times vague of what I was trying to get across. I have talked to a couple of people about this and feel that I need to clarify somethings. This is in no way taking back what I said, but giving a better explanation of what I feel about jobs in general.

When we were all young we didn’t worry about anything. The world just went and we started to grow up into people who were curious about whatever we saw. We kept on growing and growing and started to interact with people at our schools and neighborhoods and our identity was shaping up before our eyes. We also recognized what was right and wrong by our societal definitions, our parents and family, and our environment.

We then start to recognize a pattern in school of where we will be getting real comfortable with the status quo and bam we were told to exceed to the next level of education that required us to change schools, sometimes friends, and to develop a new identity for ourselves. I don’t tell too many people about my first couple of months of starting my professional career. I think whenever I tell people that I realized the way I see work they look at me crazy. There are people from the bat who get what I am saying, but I feel that I am talking to a brick wall when I do try to explain it. I pretty much realize that work is not really exciting at all and that many people, not all settle for that type of lifestyle to the point that they will live their lives accordingly until the day they die. I started to see it in the young people and was so obvious with the older people who had no hobbies, didn’t like to travel, and didn’t find happiness being away from work. Again, I am not saying that I am better than anybody because I like do and try different things, I probably got this from my childhood, but it really sucks seeing people that you admire make excuses about their own life not going the way they want it to.

About the job question.

I went to school to learn and eventually get a job that I will get paid money to perform a job that requires my skills, experience, and unique way of looking at situations and problems (lol, I added that last part because it’s true). Yes what most people do is important whether it be a person on a main intersection wearing 2 card boards tying to let people know of a jewelry sell or an engineer who is busting their ass to make sense to a client that they have to spend the extra money in order to provide the proper amount of drainage inlets so the neighborhood can stop flooding in the streets. But we all get tire of the routine life and have to find a way out of that because even though we know that this is what life is now it is not what we ultimately want and have to make strides to get to that dream we think about numerous times during the day at work. There will always be jobs for people, they are important in there own way to the individual and others are more important and detrimental to society if things go wrong, but you have to make that decision for yourself about how important is what you really want vs. what you are doing right now.

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