Goals for the Month that I am not at Work

As many of yall already know I will be off from my next job for a month. I plan to do some reading, writing, traveling, working out, and whatever I feel that I have been putting off. I have been looking forward to this the whole year and now that I am here I am even more enthused. What I plan to accomplish is to make my passions and purpose exposed to myself and to push my limits further than I ever thought possible. Also, when I do start my job in a little over a month I have the mindset of placing my job into my passion and purpose instead of the other way around. Yes I know that my job will take up 40 plus hours a week and that I will do my other things on the side sparringly, but the foundation will already be set and good habits will be implemented. So without further ado here are the goals of the month that I call, Passion or Bust That’s the Dilemma.

1. Write write write– Once I am done with my Civil Engineer career I will be a full-time writer. Right now I am no where near where I want to be when I am doing this full-time and am taking steps to become better. I have ordered a couple of books to help write creatively, taking a course this summer starting today on fiction writing, also listening to podcast and reviewing grammer websites for improved sentence structure, and read tons of books in general to develop my own writing style. And also to write every single day.

2. Read like a mad man– My goal for more knowledge and to revive my love of getting totally lost in another world is to read books. My goal for this month off is to read 10 books.

3. Already in shape so now it is time to be ripped– I am in great shape right now and since I have to time I will put some of that energy in to increase strength and to be in sculpted physique. I will write about this whole ordeal because I am already witnessing unbelievable results and realizations that I didn’t think was ever going to happen.

4. Update websites– I am going to go crazy and update this website and my personal website. I am looking of something big, but not too crazy. This should be done by my birthday.

5. Travel some– Doesn’t really matter where, but have do something.

6. Improve my working style– to become faster at what I do and to understand what I am doing for my job and clients.

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