Going 2 steps forward and then getting fucked later…

This past week was great. I learned alot about myself, other people, and what I see myself doing in the near future fulltime.

Week of Business

As some of you may have already known I have been going full speed on my current business, cubeweek. I have been talking to a couple of friends, getting the website viewable and functional, and working with my business partner/best friend on some loose ends. My brother has even mentioned to me that that is all that I have done. I don’t think that is true, it seems that way, but I have been doing alot more thinking of the future of the business than what I have done for the week.

Planning sucks, just start fixing the solutions

No one knows when things are going to get bad. Something can happen to someone’s family that you are counting on to finish an important task for you. Day to day task can be taking a hold of you and cause your work to be sluggish and not getting anything done. There could be tons of bugs on your software or website that will take quite a bit of time to finish. It doesn’t matter, life goes on and something has to be done about it. Never do things half ass, because it will hurt you quicker than you think.

I read this article that really hit me later in the week about looking ahead when you think that you don’t have to. I hope that yall read this article and apply it to your life, not just business. Situations always happen and it only really matters of the way you handle them which will determine how much you grow or decrease in knowledge as a person.

In the beginning you will be hats of ALL trades, get out of that role as quickly as possible and…

As you start on the road of being an entrepreneur you will be busy writing a business plan, making contacts, making sure the website looks nice and functional, generating a marketing plan, and whatever else to run a business. This may be fun in the beginning, but will drain the hell out of you because you will be too busy to grow the business with your strengths. Someone might ask that “I am good at alot of things”, but there will always be someone that is better at certain things that you feel that you are king at. That is perfectly okay, because there are tons of people out there ready to do that task, which will ultimately free you up to do a more meaningful role in growing the shit out of your business.

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