Got Some Interesting Books, just Too Many

There is no need to get myself in a hole I can’t get out of with all of these books and also taking care of my other responsibilities. Reading is great, but this has to be one of the craziest task that I have ever taken on. I have a total of 6 books, most of them haven’t been opened yet and atleast two of them have 30 or more pages read. I think I am going to try a trick that I did a couple of weeks ago, which worked out pretty great, which is read two books at the same time. This will give me a good perspective on the books and where I am at in my life at that moment.

Why am I reading these books?

Some of these books were recommended to me through other young entrepreneurs online, some through friends and associates, and 2 of them were through interviews of people that either wrote the book or was greatly inspired by on ESPN. I will do my best to write a review about all of them and what I found fascinating and how I plan to use them in my life.

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