Happiness in Life and Living in the Now

I have been thinking about this since yesterday, since I dropped the bomb at the old gig. As I was talking to people about what had happen, where I was going to go, and what was I going to do between the time I became depressed. I was distraught with what people were saying about my new employer’s salary and also that you can check what everyone makes online. It blew me away that was what people were basing a good workplace from the next. Money is important, but it sure isn’t everything, and if people are constantly basing their happiness around it then they are going to be disappointed. Hell I would take a pay cut if I was a happier person that enjoyed going to work, had more time to spend with his family and friends, travel more often, exercise, and pursue his purpose in life to write and change the world.

So now that I am moving on in my life I stop to realize what things that I am grateful for. What things move me to get out of the door every morning, what gives me the strength to wake up with no animosity whatsoever, the moments that bring a smile to my face, the people that make me laugh because we are in the now or reminiscing of the pass, and so on and so forth. I can say right now that I am on top of the world and the only place for me to go is up and there is no reason to let people keep me down, keep me from realizing what I set for myself. Everyone’s goals and purpose are different and people have a tendency to push others in their own direction.

When I was a kid I thought about the future, thought about when I was going to get my driver’s license, when I was going to graduate high school, that first kiss, that first lay (well I thought about that a lot later in my pre 20’s) and that was it. I thought as myself as the ideal candidate for a “Toys“R”Us Kid”, who never wanted to grow up and who only wanted to play. We would play basketball, football, crawfish baseball, hide and go seek, ride bikes, go swimming, and read a hellva a lot on a role playing game on the 1st generation Nintendo. I didn’t have to worry about bills, car note, where the next pay check was coming from, going to work clearly not ready snoozing at least 5 times. As anyone can see these are the things that we simply go through with the entitlement of “growing up” and that being that “Toys“R”Us Kid” of never wanting to grow up was out the window. One thing that I am slowly getting back from being a “Toys“R”Us Kid” is living for now. Damn every motivational speaker or humans that have experience so much in life say that but it is so true. When I was a kid I dreamed about the future and my naive way of thinking the world will be when I was that ripe old age of “being grown”. But living in the now and just enjoying every single second that I was doing something was the most important trait I learned as a kid and that I am getting closer to realizing and experiencing it more.

“Toys ‘R Us Jingle”

I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys’ R Us kid
There’s a million toys at Toys ‘R Us that I can play with!
From bikes, to trains, to video games,
It’s the biggest toy store there is! Gee whiz!
I don’t want to grow, cuz baby if I did,
I wouldn’t be a Toys ‘R Us kid!

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