How Much Money do We Really Need?

I was thinking about this question when I was driving home from work today. I was actually thinking about this awhile back and now feel that it is time to talk about it. I am using the young professional template or any person in general, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, but more of what you spend your money on.


For each month:
Rent- $525 + $150 for utilities and things around the apt.
Food- $250 bucks for lunch + $300 bucks for the apt.
Gas- $200 bucks due to new car
Car fuckin insurance- $1500 (for whole year) it really depends on your car but lets just try that

I know that there is more things that I am forgetting, but this is pretty much the bare minimum, here is the total for a year:


Give or take $2,000-$5,000 and some more if you want to save money for a shitty day. Also, this amount for the year can go up and down depending on the way you want to live and other obligations that you are facing. If I was to be a freelance writer or do most of my work from home that amount will drastically less and the same thing goes for if I wanted to show people how much money I had and travel every other weekend I will be bankrupt really quick. Seriously I can see myself living off of $25k a year which is about $35,000 to $40,000 before taxes at a normal 9 to 5.

So if I was in a situation of only needing not much money to survive I wouldn’t stress, well just a little, but I will really start to eliminate bullshit or things that I am wasting money on. I will also start to hustle, find different ways to make money, do things that don’t require me to spend any money at all basically to be creative.

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