Hurricanes Suck, Especially When it Hits You

I have been with power for a week and can say that electricity feels so damn good. I never took turning on the light to the restroom or closet or taking a hot shower for granted, but being without all of the necessities for 10 whole days. I don’t watch much t.v., however I caught up on my reading, alone time, and seeing old friends. The activity that I missed the most was being able to get online to read blog post and write blog entries or whatever is on my mind. During the day there was no problem operating a normal life, but it really sucks ass that you are dictated by mother nature to stop all of what you are doing because there isn’t any light outside.

Hurricane Ike

All you really need to know is that hurricane Ike fucked up alot. He fucked up Galveston and the surrounding Gulf Coast as well as Houston and the greater limits of the city. The street lights are getting back to working, most of the homes and businesses have power, and the broken trees are disappearing slowly from people’s driveways. It is really amazing how quickly the city, Centerpoint, and other agencies have worked to remove the debris and turn the electricity back on for a population of nearly 4 million people.


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