I am not a photographer, I’m in business to provide photographic services

How Photography Has Taken Over My Goal of the Year

This whole year has or should have been about me becoming the business man. To actually start making money from my craft or where ever. But, I guess it went into the direction that it wanted to. I just couldn’t help and and think that I learned so much from my decisions of going absolutely crazy with this photography stuff. I know that I’ve bored a couple of people, but the thing of the matter is that at times we should let the mind go in the direction that it wants to, we might find a way to our problems if we let it do that very thing.

Like I stated in the past post, last month consumed me with getting my photography business website up. Here is a link for you to check it out. I drew diagrams of what I wanted to pages to look like, consulted help from people, went through a trial and error of messing around with the configurations and simply settling on what I couldn’t change. It took tons out of me and glad that I went through the process, but the thing that I am starting to realize is that it’s no where close to being done.

My Photography Business Has Nothing to do With Photography

It took me reading a pamphlet to get me to realize that. It took me looking at other photography portfolio websites to realize that everyone is different, everyone can express themselves in a way that makes them stand out. However, this is the ironic thing, as I kept looking at the websites more and more they all started to look the same. They just presented the work to me as being pretty and amazing. It gave me no reason to stay on the site after the initial luster had died.

I am still in the changing stages of the website, but what I have to remember is that the website isn’t my business, the website is only to get people to call me and set something up. My true business is me talking to the clients who want to work with me for the work I can produce for them and by the testimonials of people who I’ve already helped.

Again. I’m not a photographer. I can’t think of myself as one. I’m a marketer and and a person who is about providing services to people who admire and think the world of them. I’m in this stage that I know how to take a photograph, I know the way I want it to look and will go about that accordingly, but it is about me using my craft to generate income. The thing that I’m starting to realize about photographers, and more importantly myself, is that the mindset and thinking isn’t on generating clients through marketing, it is simply to take a pretty photo.

The Mindset of Change and The Action Follows

Now that I have been thinking about this whole process differently, I am on another level with becoming who I want to. I still look at how I can get better as a photographer, but don’t stress the details and know that I look at things differently. My mind and want out of life is about making my clients happy with what I can provide them. I’ll be talking about this more as the month go on as I post about my marketing plan.

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