I’m going Vegetarian…

For just a week. I kind of started this past saturday as myself and girlfriend only at veggie pizza and said it would be cool to get a head start on just trying it out. I have told some people and they think that I am crazy. I kept on telling them it is just for a week. I will get back to this very insight into other people.


I am doing this just because. I told myself that I was going to try it sometime last year. I have tried different things to test myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and whatever else. I didn’t think this was hard, but struggled with it because I like meat just as much as other people who are avid meat eaters. So far after 3 days I am doing well and have enough energy for my days. However, we will see tomorrow because I know that I will want to call in for work because of the full body workout that I did yesterday.

I don’t know what I will try next, but I will be sure to make it something that pulls me out of my comfort zone and gives me a new perspective on life. As I talk to people about what I am doing or have done in the past I see past their thoughts, words, and body language and look into their eyes that are confused, frustrated, and judging you every step of the way because it goes against the status quo.

Why the fuck do we do that to each other? Why the fuck do we shut down, tear out someone’s dream in order for us to feel good about ourselves? I don’t know why, it is probably human nature to compete and win the battle in anyway possible. I guess what I am trying to get at is that we do things in our life because simply it is our life. Our life to do whatever we want to do regardless of what others may feel about it.

Are you going Vegetarian for a week?

So I wonder what other people are doing differently from their routine that will push their buttons? It will be cool to see if people just tried things without it being a holiday, ritual, or special occasion. But whatever the case it needs to be done for you and yourself alone…

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