Interview with Automotive Journalist

Yesterday I had a phone conversation for 5-10 minutes with a Houston base automotive journalist. I was quite surprised that he agreed to talk to me and very humble that he took a couple of minutes to give me some insight on his career that I want so badly to be a part of.

He explained to me that there are so many different routes to become an automotive journalist and that no one way is better than the other. He gave me ideas to help me get my name out there and after some time I already understood everything that he was telling me.

The Bottom Line

When the conversation was over I knew what I had to do to become an automotive journalist. It is kind of funny because before the conversation I already knew what I had to do and now it is so visible. The whole situation goes back to how bad do I want to be an automotive journalist? I have to be the one to test all avenues to see where I can make some head way. The thing that frustrates me about automotive journalist is that there isn’t a direct path to getting there, however that very same reason gives me excitement and joy because it is up to me to become the automotive journalist.

Being a civil engineer was a straight forward path. There are many other professional careers that are the same way that from start to finish you know what it takes to get there. I am not discrediting anyones profession on how hard it is, but knowing your path to the “promise land” is more than half the battle. With automotive journalist, freelancer, writer, entrepreneurship, or any other profession that has no direct path the person has to constantly try different things to see if what they are doing is working. While also not knowing if they are getting rejected because of their skills, experience, or what other limiting factors. With these type of career paths I believe people cherish what they are doing more than the average worker and also feels that they are accomplishing something due to their passion in that field of work.

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