Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone?


That was an easy answer, but I do believe if someone has an urge to try to make their idea come to life then they should give it a crack. But I believe it comes down to two factors that push people from doing something about their idea, laziness and determination.

A Little Story…

I have a friend earlier this year call me up and told me that he had a business idea. I was really excited for him and wanted to give him advice and some direction. I asked him how he thought of the idea and he told me that he was at work and was thinking of some way to help people and so on. Well I don’t like pushing things on people, I just let them make up their own decisions, but I did text message him once to see the status and I haven’t heard anything about the “idea” since the first time he told me about it. I don’t know why he stopped talking about the idea, because I thought that it sounded great and needed to do some fine tuning to get the engine going.

Why is the Fire Never Lit?

The fire is never lit in most cases because the dream of an idea starts to fizzle, after day dreaming of the possibilities real work has to be done to get the ball rolling. Most people including myself at times don’t know what to do next and fall victim of not doing anything at all. Also, people are scared to share and get help with their idea because they are scared that person is either going to steal their idea or would want a stake in the business opportunity. Whatever, the case it is heart breaking to see a good idea die out, because ya never know what might happen. The possibilities are endless; a person can either make tons of money and help people at the same time, lose alot of money and friends because the idea in the long run sucked or wasn’t executed right, can learn tons of lessons from mistakes done while turning the idea into reality or whatever.


You never know unless you try, so try and just do it.

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