Is it Really Wrong? Music or Audiobooks/Podcast

For the past couple of weeks I have been really diggin my 30 gig Video IPOD. I had another mp3 device(creative zen) that I broke, but glad I did. I will be doing a comparision of that later. It does everything I want it to and more. I mainly use it at work while doing my civil engineering work. Like many other people who work in Corporate America we are able to do multiple things at once. I have a tendency to get bored very quickly whenever I am doing the same thing for a long period of time. The activity that has helped me out quite a bit is listening to music, audiobooks, and podcast while doing work. Some people say that is hard to do, but I feel that if I didn’t have my IPOD at work I will really go crazy. If I had a choice of what to listen to I will always pick an audiobook or podcast over music. The reasons are:

1. I am learning while I am working– Nothing beats getting your work task done while learning something about entrepreneurship, people, current events, travel, or whatever.

2. Free time to do other things in my life– After listening to these audiobooks/podcast at work I can read, work on my side gig, or whatever else because I don’t have to worry about listening to audiobooks/podcast at home.

3. I get tired of listening to the same music over and over again– I guess listening to the same music over and over again is my fault, I just need to expand my music library and I shouldn’t have that problem.

So with that said what are yall take on listening to music vs. audiobooks/podcast at work?

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