It’s All About the Food!!!


Why did I volunteer?

It was all about the food, really it was the food. Yesterday I volunteered for an organization at work that gives the employees a voice to change the policies or environment around the company and of course they served lunch. I personally think it is a good idea because most of the time the only thing employees have is a suggestion box that doesn’t have any backing with other employees that feel the same way and it is just a suggestion with no way of implementations.


There was a committee of about 8 people and are located in different parts of the company and each person has about 15 people to give back the information discussed in the meetings and also be the voice of the group for whatever their concerns are.





I honestly don’t know where the organization is going to go, but it is going to be interesting to see what things actually get accomplish, what issues are important to employees compared to myself, and how much does the president of the company really care about the concerns of the employees. My take on the food, it was okay. We usually get pizza, fajitas, and Chinese food, which is crap most of the time. But this time we got Black Eye Peas cater some real food. I should have got myself a plate for dinner, it was okay, but better than the other crap we get.

My first expression from the committee is that people really do care about getting things changed at work. Which also makes me think of all of the concerns and complaints that don’t get address or even talked about.

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