It’s My Birthday…

Today is my birthday. I always write it’s my birthday kind of post. There isn’t much to them at all. I try to use them as reflections but that usually doesn’t work for me. Being 29 for almost half a day is a good feeling. I’m glad with the increase of age. I don’t feel that I’m slowing down. I’m just ready to do more now for myself than I’ve done before. I’ll call the theme of this year, “Taking Chances”. It is going to be a fun thing and will see what it is all about.

I was talking to a co-worker the other day about what I really wanted to do. I know in most cases, it isn’t safe to say those things. But I told him anyway. The next question that came out of his mouth was, how old are you. I told him. He said yeah, I see where you are coming from. These chances don’t come up to often and actually now is the time and to him the last time I could do what I’ve been thinking.

I didn’t think that was going to come out of his mouth. I was more surprised that he said it. I know the things that are upon me. I know what I need to do. Everything just requires action. That is with anything. Even waking up, getting in the car and arriving at a place for 40 years. It takes some effort. Just like studying marketing and sells, just some effort.

So, each and everyday, something can be done. It doesn’t even have to be that long. If something is given 30 minutes a day thats 3.5 hours a week. We give time to things that don’t matter. We should devote some time to something we want to do.

That’s all I’m saying about that. Enjoy your life. Remember, you have no one to blame about the way it comes out. There you go. I’m going to have a great time.

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