I’ve Made It to Another Blog Anniversary.

Today is another anniversary that I’ve reached with this blog. I didn’t know I would be here and go through all of the changes that I’ve gone through. I’m happy with the way it has turned out, but more important, I’m thrilled with the way I’m shaping up as a human being. If you were to ask my younger self what I expected I would be 6 years later, the fool wouldn’t have a clue.

How Not Planning Helps You.

Like I said earlier. I wouldn’t have no clue, even if I planned everything out, where I would be today. I’m on the brink of establishing myself in a profession that I had no idea existed for me. I didn’t realize the dedication in photography would be this strong. I didn’t know that my first true love was going to be writing and that I was able to write a (crappy for now) book in less than a year. You never know where life will take you. I think the only thing that I had going for myself was that I didn’t stop wanting to learn. I just kept at it. I wasn’t happy with the situation that I was in and continue to try things that I wanted to try or had the least amount of interest in.

In The Next Two Weeks…

I’ll be embarking on a journey that has been long over due. I will explain this more in depth in a couple of days to come, but it is about me being 100 percent serious about the next walk I want to go into. It’s still photography. Don’t worry about that. It is more of being truly committed to the business side of it and the ways I’m going to go about establish myself.

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