Japan Here I Come…

The wait is finally over. As I write this post I am in Tokyo, Japan in an internet cafe. I have spent 5 great days in Tokyo and 1 day in Motegi, Japan at the Honda Museum. And who else knows where I might end up.


Passport Struggle…

I was able to get my passport last tuesday after waiting 14 weeks and just relieved that the struggle is over. I thought I was not going to be able to go because of the lack of caring from the government to give me my damn passport. I was able to go into the nearest agency to get my passport complete and picked it up with a smile on my face the next day. However, the process sucked because some of the documentation I needed was in another state and the damn local agency wouldnt call the national headquarters to get that information. So I ran around town getting copies and was finally able to complete my application process.

This Wasnt the First Time…

I had a similar experience of passport issues 5 years ago. This situation was my fault wholeheartedly. I started packing for my Europe trip the night before and realized that I didnt have my passport. I started searching for it and didnt find it, so I panicked and went on the passport website to see what my options were. Luckily enough they did make same day passports and my flight was 6 in the afternoon. I was able to get my passport and rush to the airport and go on my amazing trip.

What I learned!

I have learned so much about the process before traveling that it has helped some of my actual trip. But, nothing compares to what traveling will do to your mind, body, and heart and the way you see yourself and grow as a person.

Whats next?

Well I will go to Kyoto today and will be exploring the area through riding a bike so that should be alot of fun and who knows what else I will be up to afterwards.

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  1. Oke, I just got back from Osaka! I had such a good time, so I am little jealous that you are continuing to enjoy the experience. I wish I was still there exploring with ya, oh well, there’s always a next time!

    Have fun in Kobe!

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