Labor Day Weekend Trip to Chicago

The Chicago trip was a great trip that was feeled with excitement, friendship, and an experience. I met up with a couple of college buddies that I haven’t seen in awhile. This is the first and certainly not the last trip weekend trip we will take with each other. The first night we went out on the town. Second day we went to a museum, talked to various people, went to a free jazz concert, and ended up a club that R-Kelly was at. The third day had to be the most exciting because we rented a car and explored the great city of Chicago and made a mistake to travel to Milwakee.

However, I got the much needed rest to clear my mind and focus for weeks to come. There are tons of things that I plan to do for the upcoming weeks that will shape out the rest of the year. I also thought of a sick idea, that I will implement once I get more capital and get some of my current ventures started.

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