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Reflexations of the month of September

September is one of my favorite months of the year. It is the month of my birthday, the summer season ends and fall begins, entering the last 3 months of the year, and so on. But this time around I learned so much about myself as a person and an entrepreneur.

A person…

I have learned that I can truly do whatever I want in life, however I let routine and laziness get in the way(yes, sadly to say I am not perfect). I am learning the meaning of explaining situations and concepts to people. I am at times a vague person and feel that if I tell someone something they will telepathically know what I am saying. That is not the case, many people look at me crazy and try to understand what I have told them. However, practice makes perfect and I will be at the point where I will be explaining too much to the person (I wonder if that will make them run away from me). I have also learned that proactive is simply doing things you want and have to without bitchin and crying about. Proactivity really drives the laziness out of a person and the person will realize that he/she has more time to do whatever else they want to do instead of complaining that life is moving too fast.

An entrepreneur…

I have also recognized that I do not have fun doing things that I am not good at. For instance, I love the concept of coming up with ideas for a cubeweek design, but I hate designing or editing the actual product. The design phase really sucks the motivation and productivity out of me in other areas that I shine in. Know and qualify a person’s ability to do the work, because if you don’t this could ultimately cost you money and more importantly time. Entrepreneurship is all about doing, simple as that. Planning really sucks, it can cause a person to get tired of the whole “great idea” and do something else. Here is a great article to prove that statement. I have learned that planning is another excuse for getting started on the actual business. From this month on I ‘plan’ to do only and plan on the fly, because I really don’t know where my business is going to go until I actually have something to show for it.

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