Life is what you make of it. What the fuck does that really mean?

First off, I’m fine, I’m really fine. I just felt like writing something for the spur of the moment.

We hear this term and variations of it. We say it is so inspirational and it has a chance to change our lives.

We get in a rut and can’t seem to climb out of the well. We continue to feel like shit and just sit there, there isn’t much hope out of it.

We see people doing positive things and taking charge of their lives. Some like cubicle life and others are doing other activities to provide fulfillment for themselves.

We are constantly searching and waiting for the next big idea, change in our lives. We look at television shows, read multiple publications, look at other people’s lives and feel this is it.

Again, most of the people in the world, just keep living the life they resent and would love to start everything over or just end it all.

We get motivation from the outside. We crave rejection and ‘You can’t do it’ talk, we will do anything in our power to show that person or group that we made it and that we are better off.

Well, that is some false bullshit we need to stop telling ourselves. Think about it. Really think about it. So we do only when others doubt. So, we don’t have the self-motivation to do whatever we want to do in our lives?

We are influenced by many things, hell, we love, like, hate things by chance and accident–That is the beauty of life.

At times, I wish I do it more, I think of the invisible clock that is ticking and not stopping for anything. I’m reminded by other’s clock that have stopped. I’m reminded by almost getting swiped by a stupid driver not paying attention. I’m reminded when I get sick and it becomes harder to shake that damn cold. When I wake up, I don’t thank God for giving me another day, I know I should, but I don’t. I think of the past day and see what I did in it and do my best to make the next day a better day.

So, life is what you make of it means to me: it is up to me to define my happiness and make it happen as much as possible.

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