Loyalty: Only to Your Life, Nothing Else

It is a simple concept and I understand that if you thought about it and thought about it and thought about it it would drive you crazy. Absolutely nuts. It would make you depressed and you would wonder if you can go on. I’m here to give you the answer of yes, you can go on and actually live the life that you want.

Here is a Funny, Twisted, Fucked Up Concept

One minute you are here and the next you aren’t. You just disappear and all of the things that you have ever done, with time, will be forgotten. Yep, you can try to argue with me about it, but that is the case with the majority of us. Most of the things that we have done, accomplished and put so much work into will be oblivious to the world.

Even though it is the longest thing that we have done, it still ends at different times for each of us. We don’t know, we can plan for the future and go about our lives doing things that we surly love or don’t, it is totally up to us.

I had this revelation again a couple of weeks ago. It scared me, depressed me and made me whole again. I of course still think about it because it is fresh on my mind. But no matter how much I do feel, I’m not superman to be exempt from the list of not disappearing. We all will disappear, all of us, understand. It doesn’t even matter if you understand, just know that all the stuff that you feel that is important, isn’t really important at all. All of it. Even passion and family.

A New Motto

For the past 6 years I have lived on the notion and the quote of this website of, “Life is What You Make of It”. That is still so true in my life, but with the thinking and analyzing what is truly and ultimately important to me, I have discovered that I have evolved and see things slightly different now. I can say confidently that at the age of 29, I have had two mid-life crisis. Nothing to brag about, but something that I know to be so real in my life that I fully understand what my pointless purpose is.

No Regrets. That is it. That is an easy concept to understand, but to fully do and not look back is something that I’m loving every minute. See, since we are all going to disappear, we have to see what is truly important. If you want to take a test for a profession you absolutely hate and want to live out your life fighting over if this utility line has enough clearance over another, then go right ahead. If you want to fight a court case that you haven’t gotten paid for in the past couple of years and feel that you may get some money from a 8 year old car and possibly your fees back, go right ahead. If you want to be a bum thinking and wishing and hoping and never doing a damn thing about it, go right ahead. If all you want to do is take pictures of the world and the people who live in it and from time to time express yourself through writings, go ahead and do it.

Do what you think is important to you. Don’t worry about the Joneses, they are actually more miserable than they actually lead on.

I’m sure I might get some post, emails, texts or whatever about this post being so depressing. I’m 100% sure of it. I’m sure people might get turned off by the negativity it may bring out because I’m talking about a topic that shouldn’t be talked about. But guess what, who has gotten real with you about the attitude you have towards life effects everything you do? I don’t know you, well, if you count on the surface stuff, I know everything about you.

But really look at yourself in the mirror. Smile, make funny faces. Pull hair from your eyebrow to see how much it hurts. Smell yourself, do you stink or smell delightful. Punch yourself in the gut, does it hurt like hell or did you go soft and not try to injure yourself. One thing you will notice when you do this is that there are 6 plus billion people in the world that have those same feelings, hurts and aches. Most people in the world don’t even have the freedom and chance to make the best out of their lives. But the simple fact that we are all human and will all disappear is enough for me to get depressed, wonder if it is all meaningful and then choose to live the life that I feel that will make me happy.

There is but one thing you have to be loyal to in your life. No bosses, no relationship that makes you unhappy, no people that you hate being around. It is your life. It really is. I know you may say that your life is for your kids, your wife or whatever else you think you are suppose to say. Trust me, it is your life. Thank your parents for choosing to have you, but you don’t even have to be loyal to that notion. The only thing that you have to be loyal to is your life, how you define it and live it. So do that very thing.

2 responses to “Loyalty: Only to Your Life, Nothing Else”

  1. You’re of course entitled to your own opinion, but I disagree to an extent. I think the things you do while on this earth can and do remain after you’re gone. If I’m wrong, then why do we study history? For the everyday person, the way you treat people, your children, and the way you approach life can and will stick with people.

    To the masses, most of us will die having done nothing significant for this world. However, if you don’t care as much about the masses and instead focus on your loved ones, your life suddenly means a lot more. If I die today, don’t ask a random person on the street about me. Ask my parents, sister, nephews, girlfriend, and other friends — those that truly know me — about the life I lived and what I’ve meant to them.

    At the core, I think we’re saying the same thing. If your friends and family are who you choose to live for, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that if they’re happy to do it.

  2. I think the end result we are saying the same thing. You have to be loyal to your cause alone–not to anyone else’s purpose. Whatever it may be, but I still feel when you really think extremely deeply about the existence of being here, we play an extremely small part in the way the universe works, just on the technicality and practical duties on how we humans live amongst each other. But for the most part, people are selfish in the way they do things in the world and I think as long as they are selfish doing the things that they care about then there life will have meaning to them and the important people in their lives.

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