Making This Year Challenge A Little More Interesting: An Ultimatum

I’ve made up my decision. Well, after talking to a good friend about it all. I am giving myself an ultimatum and it wasn’t something I thought about ever since talking to him a couple of days ago.

I Learned Something Last Year Reading One of My Favorite Writers

Most people wouldn’t consider Steve Martin much of a writer. I didn’t, until I read 3 of his books last year. The guy is just talented in all ways and I encourage people to give him a shot–as a writer–if you are not fond of his films. While I was reading his non-fiction work about becoming a comedian, the section that stuck out to me was, well actually there were a couple:

Practicing the passion– Steve worked his ass off without the much thought of making money from it. He did multiple stand-ups, changed his act, talk to many people, watched and copy, to an extent, his favorite comedians.

Money wasn’t an issue until he couldn’t pay for his lifestyle– Steve started to make some money from his comedic act, but nothing to sustain a life of partying, women, traveling around the country, and whatever else he wanted to do. He knew he had to do something about it.

He gave himself an ultimatum
– Steve was nearing the age of 30 and realized that his passion had to make him money or he had to do something else. He just wasn’t making enough money and had to be real with himself. I believe Steve gave himself 3 years or so to get paid.

He treated his passion like a business– He knew that he had to do change the way he viewed his passion, his profession. He knew that the line of work he was in was indeed a business and took those steps to make it work. I wish Steve would have went into more detail into how he thought about treating it like a business. Most artsy-people don’t think of their craft in that way and that is why they are ‘struggling artist’ and can’t find a way to make any sustainable money from their passion.

Who Am I?

So, now we have little old me. A 28 year-old working during the day at a job that is teaching him management skills and to be a better person in general.

The job is working out great, I get my shit done. It is something I can do without thinking much about.

But, it isn’t my passion. I’ve said this many times before, this isn’t anything new.

I’ve made this goal/mission to become the businessman. I want to do it by photography. I will do it with writing too, but have a small portfolio and will take time for people to crave and lust over my work–it will happen, just have to be patient.

Why Photography as a Business?

I love photography. Lately, I’ve been thinking about it, reading it, practicing it, and focusing on making it a full-time business. That is what I want. That is the next step of my evolution. I feel that everyone has a way to express themselves and I’m lucky to know that I have two: writing and photography.

I see myself making money from photography, especially the way I want to do it.

But, But, But, … Realization Kicks In

…this damn word always comes into play when someone has an excuse or being real with themselves.

This passion is expensive. All of the gear I bought last year cost $3k+. And that is on the cheap, entry-level stuff. If I ever wanted to covet the 10 pound ‘radio-size’ camera many people have I have to spend 3 times that amount. That is besides the point.

I can’t continue to look myself in the mirror and do what I’m doing with my passion and, know deep-down inside of me–that I’m actually wasting my time. Well, it is okay for it to be a hobby, but I have to make that decision now. This year is all about putting myself out there more and pushing myself. Mainly to see if this dream can be a sustainable type of living that I can provide for me and my fiancee.

I’m Cocky, Yes, But…

Doing what I did last year has made me slightly cocky. Who would have imagine doing all that last year? I feel and know that I can do anything. The only thing in my way is myself. But adding a little of flare and excitement into the mix is what will challenge me even more.

Think about it. Saying to yourself that you want to become something. It deals with one of your passions. And now making a decision of constructing it to be a hobby or business; and this being the only year I have to make it one or the other drives me to want to prove myself that I can make money from it and still enjoy it.

So, that is what I’m going to do. This is how I plan to be more about it. I’m curious to see how this turns out.

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