Multi-Tasking is Overrated. The Shit Just Doesn’t Work

I haven’t gotten anything done at all. The website design is actually going to take me longer than anticipated. Learning about myself in the area of sells is taking a longer time because I keep jumping from one idea and concept to another. And when it comes down to it I’m not getting much of anything done. But now that I have had sometime to reflect I know exactly why. Also, when I’m in the planning stage I tend to overwhelm myself by piling too many things on my plate and I feel obligated to get all of them done.

It All Started Coming Down This Month

Usually when I plan out my months I tend to overload it with task and projects because I feel that if I do so I will be able to get all of them done and will find a way to motivate myself. Well, this month I went ahead and planned to write in the blog, my novel and get my website redesign. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is. I outlined what needed to be done for the website. I made outlines of various pages of the website. I then put some of the task on my calendar for the month and quickly became overwhelmed because each project had multiple steps and required me to spend more time than I alloted for it. So I did the next best thing which was not do anything at all. I didn’t do anything for two weeks and barely starting to do anything this week.

The reason why I’m able to do more and to focus is because I ditched the idea of working on multiple things at once. I chose one thing and not going to do anything else until I finish the first project. It feels awkard, mainly because I feel that I’m not working on anything else. But with time I will get used to just getting one thing done at a time and I know that I will get more done because of this.

Multi-Tasking Just Isn’t It

It took me some time to realize that it doesn’t work. Sure I can listen to an instrumental music and type at the same time, but you put words to it and I’m going crazy and splitting my time which ever way it goes. It is more effective to do one thing. I know that. You know that. We know that we aren’t going crazy once we take the time to focus on one thing.

I’m curious to see how much I get done with this new method of doing things. I’ll keep you posted.

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