My Friend Richard Doing His Thing…


Goes home to write blog post at lunch because he wanted to.

Knows the field he is passionate about from salary cap numbers to scouting report of most of the players in the league.

Will watch all the games from start to finish and have the ability to give you a in depth summary chart of what the player or team is going to be like in the games to come.

After the end of the season, there are no more games to be played, with the busy off season soon to get rolling, he is breaking each team down with their needs for the upcoming draft!

If that isn’t passion, than I don’t know what it is. He can be spending our time doing other things to occupy our existence on earth. As everyone knows, my passion is writing, and I’m taking those steps to become the very best possible. However, it is a distinguished feeling when one notices the talent and love for something in someone else, and lets them know about it.

It Wasn’t Easy!

It was sometime last year, I talked to my friend Richard, about the NBA playoffs and the chances of the Houston Rockets to get out the first round of the playoffs. I had my points, he had is, but as we continued, I noticed the thorough knowledge he had about everything possible to know in the sport of basketball. I thought to myself that he knew just as much or more about basketball than the people who were getting paid to.

I called him a week or so later and I told him, “I think you are bullshitting, I think you should be writing or doing some podcast regarding the NBA or something where you can show your true unique, authentic point of view.” I think that took him by surprised, but I knew he knew where I was coming from.

He said he will think about it, he wasn’t sure what he ultimately wanted to do. He was putting in tons of working hours, to prove himself in the engineering field. A couple of months went past. I didn’t hear anything from him, I didn’t know what to do next, so I continued to write and develop my own passion.

Fast Forward

It was either January or Feburary, I can’t remember, Richard wanted to talk about the blogging thing. We met up over smoothies, we talked about what he could write, how hard it would be to just write about 1 or 2 topics, I was telling him he can really do this, he said the same. A month or so passes, he gives me another call to start into this blogging thing.

He starts to write, he continues to write, he doesn’t write for a couple of weeks, he picks it back up, and now it is a routine that doesn’t feel like one.

The feeling of helping somebody go forward into their passion is very rewarding. However, I’m not finish though, I’m going to continue to help him follow his passion as much as possible.

This post goes out to you, Richard, I know that movement takes time, and it’s best done the way the individual sees fit. I’m going to continue to cheer you on towards your passion and whatever you do in life. Thanks for believing in yourself to follow your heart and giving myself, and now others a sense of doing your passion, the best way you know how.

Here are a couple of links to Richard’s recent post and some of my favorites yet:

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3 responses to “My Friend Richard Doing His Thing…”

  1. Ya know dude, I truly appreciate it. It can be a pretty easy thing to write about what you know and love, but it’s a BATTLE sometimes. I’m killing myself this week with the draft coming Thursday, and I honestly look forward to relaxing a bit this weekend. I’m putting in several hours a day this week, diving in right after work, and keeping up with things on the ol’ iPhone while at work. Still, you my girlfriend, and my other friends are motivating me to keep writing…and write I shall. I want some residual income, sure, but I enjoy being the source for peoples’ NBA news with no filler or spin, whether we’re talking 5 readers, 50, or 500 (someday).

  2. Keep it up, man! I’ll continue to let people know about you and your passion. At times it can be too much and we ask the question, “what for”. But, it sure does feel good to do something you care about. We will hang out in the weeks to come.

  3. This is how it should be guys mutual encouragement I’m curious to see where this goes. Keep us posted if you launch any endeavor in regards to this.

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